Freedom Oil New Convenience Store and Office Headquarters in Leesburg

If you’ve driven north on SR 15 through Leesburg, Indiana in the past couple of days you may have noticed some major changes on the east side of the road. The Freedom Oil Gas Station has been completely demolished and the old Farmers State Bank is being “dug up” and prepared for a move.

The previous Freedom Oil station was dated and offered few additional products and services other than gasoline. Freedom Oil purchased the old Farmer’s State Bank in December of 2012 and vacated the alley between the two lots with plans of expansion.
The old Farmers State Bank building will be moved to the north side of the lot and will run parallel with Prairie Street. Freedom Oil will utilize this location as their main office and will manage their six convenience stores and gasoline wholesale business from this location. The new convenience store will be located on the southern end of the lot with the canopy and pumps being placed where the bank sits currently. The new 2,800 square foot store will be branded CITGO and house a Noble Roman’s Pizza. The station will offer gasoline, diesel and several additional amenities (propane fuel, ice, money orders, selected groceries, etc) that the previous store did not provide. They plan on having the project completed by October of 2013.




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