Introducing: One Ten Craft Meatery

I’m thrilled to have the privilege of announcing that One Ten Craft Meatery (a combination butcher shop and eatery) will be added to the downtown market this coming winter. The meatery will be located at 110 N. Buffalo Street, directly east of the courthouse. The combined efforts of Jason Brown and Jenn Keefer will create a craft meatery with a transparent and simple attitude. This approach will be fully reflected in the atmosphere as well as the fare and products presented. They are excited to further the movement of establishing downtown Warsaw as a destination for those seeking out Midwestern culture both locally and from afar.

The meatery will consist of a laid back and welcoming open kitchen/dining room layout. The foundation of the fare will have a straightforward, Midwestern, “meat and potatoes,” sort of style. They have made it a priority to source their product locally as much as possible. To them, as a local business, it just makes sense that they make their investments locally whenever possible.

“We have taken the time to go to local farms, to better understand the processes and ethics behind the products we will serve our customers.”

The lunch menu will consist of deli sandwiches with house made meats, sauces, and breads along with locally sourced cheeses. The dinner menu will focus on steak, but will also have many other options. Gluten free items will be clearly distinguished on the menu. In addition to the dine-in features, customers will also be able to purchase products from local farms at an in house butcher case. Large events and catering are also future goals.

One Ten Craft Meatery will be a featured food vendor for CASA’s 13th Annual Holiday Festival  on November 14th. If you plan on attending stop by and sample some of their food!

To research further or follow the progress:

Facebook: One Ten Craft Meatery

Twitter: @onetencraftmeat

Instagram: @onetencraftmeatery

Website: coming soon…


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